Your frequently asked questions

What will happen in my first session?

The first session will be a chance for the client and counsellor to discuss the issues that have brought them to counselling. It will be agreed between both parties whether or not counselling is appropriate for the client. The session will last 1hr and can be ended at any time if the client feels that he or she does not wish to continue. The process of counselling will be explained, limits of confidentiality disclosed and the booking and cancelling of sessions detailed.

How many sessions will I need?

This is a question that is very difficult to answer as each individual is extremely different and can require varying amounts of sessions. Individuals can react in very different ways even though they may be experiencing the same or similar event. Two individuals may experience exactly the same traumatic event but have completely different reactions to it. One may not require any sort of support at all but the other may require extensive counselling to deal with the trauma. Just because one person has 6 sessions to deal with loss for example the another person may need 26. This issue will be reviewed with the client regularly to make sure that the client is getting what they need from the counselling process.

How long does a counselling session last?

Most counselling sessions are between 50 minutes and one hour.

How often do you attend Counselling?

This is something that can be agreed between the client and the counsellor. Many people have sessions on a weekly basis initially. As clients progress with the therapy they may decide to attend sessions on a fortnightly or monthly basis until the conclusion of the therapeutic relationship. Regular reviews will take place to allow the client to reflect on the therapy and to make decisions based on their own specific needs. Counselling can be brought to an end at any time of the clients choosing.

What happens if I need to cancel a session?

There is no problem with the rearranging or cancelling of sessions as long as the counsellor is given 24 hours notice. If this is the case then a new session will be organised without any cost to the client. If a client fails to cancel within the 24 hour period then a cost of £20 will be charged to the client.

Is the counsellor available during a crisis?

The counsellor will ensure that you are given a list of agencies that can be contacted during a period of crisis.

How much do counselling sessions cost?

Our fees for counselling services can be found by clicking here.

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