Our promise to you

Confidentiality is an extremely important part of the counselling relationship and this will be discussed in detail at the initial session. Many people may have never spoken before of their particular issues and may only feel they can do so because confidentiality is guaranteed. There are however some limitations to the confidentiality agreement that a counsellor and client make. These are issues that have to be disclosed by law and the counsellor would have no choice but to disclose them.

They include:

  1. Clients Threatening to seriously harm someone or knows of someone who is going to harm another.
  2. Clients Threatening to commit suicide.
  3. Clients Discloses knowledge of child abuse of any kind.
  4. Client States involvement in terrorism or knowing of others involvement in terrorism.
  5. Client States involvement in money laundering.
  6. Severe mental illness is diagnosed and the client needs to be referred on to a specialist.

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